All your company’s expenses tracked & managed in one place

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View & track spend by budgets, departments, cards, employees & even merchants

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Employees get approvals before additional spending occurs to prevent wasteful spending

If employees need to spend more money, they can text SWIPEDOM their spend request and we forward it to their manager/budget owner for approval.

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Eliminate employee reimbursements & save your accountants time

Assign your employees cards and save your accountant time by not having to review, approve, and payout reimbursements.

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Eliminate expense reports

  • 85% of employees admit to lying on expense reports.*  Avoid wasteful spending and save your accountant time by issuing employee cards for company expenses.

  • ​Expense reports are often submitted weeks after purchases were made, finance teams are unaware of what has been spent and unable to stop certain purchases before it’s too late.

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All your company's spend in one location

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Checking account 

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Employee cards



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Spend management

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Bill Pay

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0% Loans

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