To provide Small Businesses a Tech-First & innovative banking platform that helps them make better financial decisions.


Our CEO & Co-Founder is a U.S. Air Force Veteran who instilled similar military core values in SWIPEDOM:


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking


Putting our clients first before ourselves

Excellence in everything we do

We strive to do our best at everything we do in order to propel our service and ourselves

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Our two founders are prior business owners and software engineers who used 4 different financial software platforms to manage their business spend and to know where their business stood financially at any given time.


They decided to simplify things by creating the most technologically advanced banking platform that helps business owners manage their spend while allowing them to see how their business is doing financially by auto-categorizing transactions & generating real-time Profit and Loss statements.


Also instead of spending money on fancy buildings & large executive bonuses, SWIPEDOM passes on the savings by offering free accounts and 0% interest loans to help small businesses grow.

Prior to SWIPEDOM, both founders developed a financial spend application that saves UPS $50M per year.  Their application was recognized and awarded the prestigious RedHat Global Innovation Award for Enterprise Level Applications. Past winners include Deutsche Bank, Barclays, FICO & BBVA.

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