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business bank account for small businesses  
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Why business owners love us?

Stop employees & departments from overspending by creating & funding budgets, then issuing employee cards directly from those budgets

Improve your cashflow with our 0% interest revolving line of credit, no credit check or personal guarantee required

No more sharing cards, issue & fund physical or virtual cards in real-time

Auto-identifies wasteful spending & prohibits spend categories you've selected

Saves hours of work time by eliminating expense reports & processing employee reimbursements

Saves time by funding spend requests on-the-go via text message

Your money & data is safe
0% interest, Revolving Line of Credit, no credit check or personal guarantee required
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Stop going over budget & save cash

Free revolving line of credit with 0% interest

Save time by funding your cards via text

Create & fund budgets, then issue employee cards directly from those budgets with limits that prevent employees & departments from overspending.

To help improve your cashflow,  we give your business a 90-day loan with 0% interest.  No credit check or personal guarantee required.

Conveniently approve spend requests & fund cards on-the-go via text message.

Why accountants love us?

Close books in an hour not days

Instant reconciliation, eliminates the need for expense reports & employee reimbursements

No more chasing receipts, we text employees to reply with pictures of receipts & auto-match them to their transactions

Integrates with accounting softwares

Auto-categorizes transactions & identifies wasteful spending

Tracks spend in real-time

Identifies wasteful spending
After every purchase employees receive a text to reply with a picture of their receipt.
Our Ocular Character Recognition software identifies wasteful spending & notifies you.
Why managers love us?

It empowers them by giving them control of their own budgets

Issue Budget-Linked cards & funds to team members in real-time

Approve spend requests & fund cards on-the-go via text message

Eliminates expense reports

View your budgets & team member's spend in real-time

Prohibit spend categories

Employees simply text SWIPEDOM the amount they need & the reason. We then forward that text to their manager.  When the manager replies "Yes", we fund the employee's card from that manager's budget in seconds.
Why employees love us?

37% experience cash flow problems & 10% have missed a credit card payment waiting for a reimbursement

Eliminates pesky expense reports

No worrying about loosing receipts with automated receipt capturing

25% have postponed or cancelled meetings because they couldn't cover the cost themselves

49% are frustrate by having to pay for business expenses out of their own pocket & waiting for reimbursement

Company costs should never affect an employee's personal finances

How it works

Fund your SWIPEDOM account

Connect your traditional bank account & instantly load funds with a click

Automate your accounting

Receipt collection, payment categorization, real-time reconciliation are all handled automatically

Track expenses in real-time

Spend is tracked in real-time so you know where your finances stand every second

Issue & fund cards in seconds

Cards are issued & funded from budgets you've created, this prevents employees from overspending

Create & fund your budgets 

Assign budget owners to the budgets you've created for them to spend & distribute accordingly

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Receive a $1,000 revolving credit line after you spend $25,000, then we increase it by 1% of your total card spend every month!

Save time by automating your accounting

Receipt collection, payment categorization, real-time reconciliation are all handled automatically

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Call (800) 899-4054 and talk to a real customer support agent Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.

Real Person Support

We use bank-grade security encryption. Customer privacy is also a top priority & your data is highly secured.  

Security & Privacy

What you get

Free business checking account
No monthly fee
No minimum balance required
No hidden fees
No ACH fees
FDIC Insured
Employee corporate cards
Issue & cancel physical or virtual cards in seconds
Limit spending by category
After every transaction we text employees to reply with picture of receipt & auto-match it to their transaction
Eliminates employee reibursements & expense reports
Issue single use cards for online purchases
Your checking account with budgeting super powers
Create & fund a budget right on your dashboard
You can assign budgets to managers for them to manage
Add team members to a budget & issue them cards directly tied to that budget
Auto-categorizes transactions
Identifies wasteful spending
Fraud protection included with every card
Helps close books in hours not days & integrates with accounting softwares

Deposits are insured up to $250,000 through our partner bank Evolve Bank & Trust Member FDIC.

FDIC Insured

No Interest

No personal guarantee

No more going to a bank & getting turned down for a loan

Funds available the next day

Improve your cashflow & business credit

Repay it back in 4 equal monthly payments

No late fees

You get:

Free business checking accounts with no fees

Budget-Linked employee debit cards that keep your departments & employees from overspending

A 0% interest Revolving Line of Credit with no late fees, NO credit check or personal guarantee required

Our Text-to-Transfer technology that saves time by allowing you to fund your cards via text message

Stop chasing receipts
Cardholders are texted the moment they swipe their card to reply back with a photo of their receipt. We automatically collect & match receipts to transactions for you, saving you valuable time.